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Ryan Flay/”XIII”: A covert CIA operative and former secret agent who doesn’t remember who he is, or his own name, but retains his sophisticated combat and infiltration skills from his government training. His exploration of his past is the focus of the series – XIII was sent on secret missions so dark that no one in Washington knew their actual purpose: the most recent was the Sally Sheridan assassination, where an elaborate cover-up changed his face.

While ultimately successful, XIII’s memory was erased, and he was betrayed by the government and locked away deep inside an Eastern European prison. At the start of the series he escaped, and now he’s searching for answers, uncovering his shadowy past and the international conspiracies that threatens his present. Powerful figures threaten and manipulate him as he gets closer to the mysterious center of a deadly puzzle – where the key to all the intrigue is XIII. Other names he has been referred to include “Seamus O’Neill”, “El Cascador”, “Jason Peter Mullway” and “Victor Gong”. As of the Season 2 finale, he is in hiding with Betty, his lover who is pregnant with his child, and Barnabis, a loyal ally, in South America.

Greg Bryk as DNI Samuel Amos : The Director of National Intelligence under President Ben Carrington and former US Army Colonel – a title the President still uses with him, Amos believes that his job is to protect the United States government at any cost, even if that means taking the law into his own hands. A highly intelligent ex-military man, he spent his time in the service behind the lines, planning strategies and developing innovative tactics – skills that he carried with him into his current office. While he requires rules and order, he doesn’t hesitate to get his hands dirty when necessary.

He has deep mistrust and suspicion of XIII and his mysterious past, and has repeatedly attempted to have him removed or killed for national security – Amos sees him as dangerous and uncontrollable, and his links to black operations are too dangerous to remain free. In Season 2, Amos has been removed from his position after killing Sheridan, and is now CEO of Synequanon. After Victor bombs Synequanon headquarters, killing Amos’s wife and daughter, Amos thirsts for vengeance against XIII; believing, incorrectly, he is responsible. Later after a massive manhunt, he learns the truth, and teams up with him to defeat Victor and destroy HEARPE. Amos also forms a relationship with President-elect Harriet Traymore and works with her to oust Carrington from power in exchange for his restoration as DNI. He is now leading the government on a manhunt for XIII – the only thing that now matters to him.

Stephen McHattie as President Ben Carrington : A former US Army four-star General and President of the United States, Carrington understands that, in protecting the government, operating within the gray areas gets results – hence he respects Jones, who will bend the rules for the betterment of the whole, and XIII most of all. While Carrington is willing to stretch the limits of his position, he disdains dirty politics and backroom deal making. He is honest and forthright, while at the same time, thick-skinned and relentlessly tough.

A good man to have as a friend, and a terrible man to have as an enemy. Carrington, during the events of the Roman Numeral Conspiracy, was Deputy Director of the NSA and worked with XIII to expose the conspiracy, during which his daughter, Kim Rowland, is killed. At the start of the series, Carrington had left the military and went into politics as a Democrat, becoming Vice President to Republican President Wally Sheridan. After using evidence of the conspiracy to blackmail Sheridan into resigning, Carrington becomes President to finish out Sheridan’s term.

When XIII resurfaces, he forms a workable arrangement with Carrington to track down the Renelco weapon and retrieve it; all in the hopes of uncovering his true identity. Carrington makes it clear that he both trusts and respects XIII after his efforts to expose the Roman Numeral Conspiracy, and grants him all the access and resources he can to aid in his quest. Carrington had faced a difficult re-election against Wally Sheridan; who has steadily discredited Carrington in the eyes of the public, but he does gain a sense of peace with Kim’s death when he takes her newly found son; Roger, under his protection (though when it is found Roger is Kim’s illegitimate son with Sheridan himself, it further escalates the animosity between them). In the Season 1 finale, Carrington orders Jones to turn on XIII and shoot him with a sniper rifle, with XIII briefly remembering Carrington was behind the Renelco mission and had used him all along. In Season 2, Carrington was campaigning for a full four-year term in his own right in the 2016 presidential election, but lost the general election in a landslide to former Alaska Republican Governor Harriet Traymore.

Desperate to remain in power long enough to destroy HEARPE, Carrington declares martial law in order to hold onto the presidency, even as his supporters dwindle and his sanity crumbles. In the Season 2 finale, Carrington makes his last stand and his arrested by Traymore’s military, who force him to finally surrender the office on 20 January 2017. Carrington has been imprisoned in Guantanamo, declared dead to the public, but labeled as a hero for his efforts to destroy HEARPE. He is now facing endless hours of torture by Amos for XIII’s whereabouts.

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