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Two lovers Prerna and Anurag want to get married to each other but the couple gets separated when Anurag is forced to get married to Komolika because of emotional blackmail of his mother, Mohini. Devastated and heart-broken Prerna who finds herself pregnant with Anurag’s child, now hates Anurag for what he has done to her. Anurag, on the other hand, feels terrible for Prerna and secretly helps her to establish her career. Komolika married Anurag for the sake of his wealth. Anurag comes to know all this and also about the existence of his child Prem with Prerna, a secret she had kept hidden. He divorces Komolika and wishes to marry Prerna but Prerna has to marry an arrogant middle-aged business tycoon Rishabh Bajaj who has blackmailed her. Prerna married Mr. Bajaj to save Anurag’s wealth and property.

After a series of twists and turns including the return of Rishab Bajaj’s ex-wife Menaka, Anurag and Prerna marry. Anurag and Prerna’s son Prem gets kidnapped and it creates a distance between them. Their marriage ends in a bitter divorce due to misunderstandings following Prem’s disappearance and apparent death, and their faith in each other crumbles. Prerna is pregnant again but no one believes that it is Anurag’s child and everyone accuses her of having illicit relations with Rishab Bajaj. During this time Prerna is supported by Mr. Bajaj who changes into a positive character on seeing her plight. Anurag marries another woman Aparna and Prerna, unable to see him with someone else, leaves the city.

Years later Anurag and Prerna’s daughter Sneha has turned 8 and after the hiatus, Prerna returns to Mumbai. Time has changed Anurag and Prerna from lovers to bitter enemies who keep warring with one another owing to the misunderstandings created by the different people around them especially Komolika who is now married to Anurag’s cousin Subroto. Meanwhile, Sneha is diagnosed with Leukemia and would need a bone-marrow transplant to save her life. Prerna requests Anurag to take the Bone marrow test as he is Sneha’s biological father. Anurag rudely refutes Prerna’s claim stating that Sneha is Rishab Bajaj’s and her daughter. Later on Aparna’s intervention, he agrees to take the Bone Marrow test along with a DNA test. Although the Bone Marrow’s don’t match but the DNA report proves that Sneha is indeed Anurag’s daughter and Prerna had never been unfaithful to him. Anurag’s family also comes to know that Sneha is indeed Anurag’s daughter. They all repent but Prerna refuses to forgive them especially Anurag. Since Sneha’s life is in danger a bone marrow is required to save her life. The doctors suggest for Anurag and Prerna to have another child as the bone marrow of siblings are always a match. Prerna and Anurag come together to have another child with the approval of Mr. Bajaj and Aparna. While Prerna is pregnant, Aparna’s past comes to light and her old lover Debu comes into the picture. Prerna then marries Mr. Bajaj. Prerna gives birth to a son who is named Prem. Komolika kidnaps the child and runs away soon after Sneha’s successful bone marrow transplant. Prerna blames Anurag for Prem’s kidnapping and leaves the city.

After 20 years, Sneha grows up to consider Mr. Bajaj and Prerna as her parents. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna have a daughter named Kasak. A new character named Yudi enters Anurag and Prerna’s life. Soon they find out that Yudi no one else, but their son Prem. But he is a spoiled brat who does not care for anyone but himself. Mukti enters his life and tries to change him for the better. Mukti falls in love with Prem and goes the extra step with him. Sneha gets married to Sharad, but he turns out to be a bad guy and rapes Mukti. Prem reveals he does not love Mukti, but only acted as he did. Soon Sneha finds out about Sharad and instead falls in love with Omi and Prem falls in love with Mukti.

Another generation leap happens, in which Sneha and Omi’s daughter, Prerna (P2) becomes the main character. She marries Nihal Garewal. Various twists and turns happen with the introduction of several new characters after time leaps including the grown-up children of Anurag and Prerna, especially Kasak. The story finally concludes with the death of Anurag-Prerna and their souls uniting forever while Mr. Bajaj reflects the everlasting love of Anurag-Prerna that never dies.

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