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Karam Apnaa Apnaa is the story of Gauri,a charming and innocent middle-class Bengali girl.Her father’s best friend is a wealthy Punjabi businessman named Mahen Kapoor. Mahen’s parents and his wife Nikhila,dot on Gauri who is motherless. Mahen finds a good match for Gauri in the form of Shashank. However, on the day of her wedding, Gauri is shocked to find that she is supposed to marry Mahen’s arrogant son Shiv.She is told that Shashank has refused to marry her and the Kapoors have forced Shiv to stand in as the bridegroom. Unable to accept the situation, she runs away from the marriage venue. That’s when she meets an understanding stranger, Anupam, who advises her to face her problem instead of running away from it. She returns to the wedding venue, much to the anger of Shiv, who was hoping that she would back out. Shiv marries Gauri, and promises to make her life hell. However, he cannot resist Gauri’s simplicity and warmth for long—his hatred gives way to liking. Gauri, on her part, starts loving her husband without expecting him to return her feelings.

After the marriage, a series of mishaps happen to Gauri. It is revealed that Shiv’s horoscope (kundali) has a major flaw (dosh), which indicates that his first wife will die soon after their wedding. Knowing this, Nikhila had persuaded Shashank to break off his engagement with Gauri, and asked Shiv to stand in as the bridegroom. Shiv is in love with his childhood friend Ipshita and wants to save her from the ill-effect of his flawed horoscope. But even after learning the truth about Shiv’s horoscope, Gauri refuses to abandon him. Gauri’s love becomes a source of guilt for Shiv. The day foretold for Gauri’s death comes close. Meanwhile, as a camouflage, Nikhila convinces Ipshita to get engaged with Anupam (who turns out to be an old friend). Gauri meets with a major accident but survives. Now, Ipshita turns insecure and pressurizes Shiv to divorce Gauri. However, Shiv is unable to do so, because he has already consummated his marriage and Gauri is pregnant. Ipshita gets married to Anupam when she realized that Shiv will not leave Gauri.

The story takes a leap of 5 years. Shiv and Gauri are the proud parents of twin sons Om and Priam as well as an adorable daughter Shanti. Gauri is a doting mother who cannot spare enough time for her husband. Shiv believes he is happy, but still remembers his first love. Ipshita is now a famous writer and has separated from Anupam. Nikhila wants Ipshita back in Shiv’s life. Shiv’s long-lost identical twin brother, Samar, is found. Nikhila asks Samar to pose as Shiv and enter the Kapoor mansion. Samar is successful in getting Gauri’s signature on the documenst relating to some properties that Nikhila wants. Nikhila, Ipshita and Mahen’s sister Maya join hands against Gauri. Ipshita takes advantage of Shiv’s emotional vulnerability and has a one-night stand with him. Gauri exposes Nikhila’s evil plans. Nikhila is thrown out of the Kapoor family. Nikhila, Ipshita and Maya, with the help of doctors, fake a report that Gauri is suffering from a brain tumor. Gauri learns about Shiv’s one-night stand, because of which Ipshita is pregnant. Expecting an early death for herself, Gauri forces Shiv to get married to Ipshita. However, Gauri realizes that she has been tricked and, with Samar’s help, exposes Ipshita’s true colours. Shiv learns that Ipshita is faking her pregnancy and throws her out of his house.

Meanwhile, Nikhila has a change of heart and re-enters the Kapoor family. Soon, Mahen’s long-lost nephews Moksh and Asim enter the Kapoor mansion, accompanied by Shashank, their business associate. One night, Shiv is brutally murdered by Moksh, Asim and Shashank. After his death, Shashank, Moksh and Asim harass the Kapoors. Then, Samar came face-to-face with Shiv’s ghost. The ghost tells Samar about the murderers. Samar promises to take revenge. Samar and Gauri get Moksh and Asim convicted for Shiv’s murder, but Shashank escapes. Shiv’s ghost also disappears after this. Now, the Kapoors start pressuring Samar to get married to Gauri. However, Samar and Gauri reject the idea. In an unexpected turn of events, Nikhila is murdered. Samar thinks Gauri has murdered Nikhila and Gauri suspects him of the crime. Gauri runs away and is assumed to be dead.

A few years later, Samar has turned into a cold-hearted business tycoon, and Gauri, who has lost her memory, is living in another town under the name of Shivangi. Samar hates the memory of Gauri, whom he believes to be his mother’s killer. Anupam’s sister Nisha enters the scene. Anupam is now paralyzed, as Ipshita had tried to kill him in order to be with Shiv. Nisha wants to take revenge against the Kapoor family because she blames them for her brother’s plight. Nisha traps Samar into getting engaged to her. Meanwhile, Gauri regains her memory and becomes aware of Nisha’s true intentions. On the day of Samar’s marriage, Gauri gets Nisha kidnapped and takes her place as the heavily veiled bride. The marriage rituals are completed. Samar is furious when he learns that he has been tricked into marrying Gauri. They have many fights after that. Eventually, it is revealed that neither Samar nor Gauri had killed Nikhila; the real culprit was Maya. Now Samar and Gauri work out their differences and, slowly, their love blossoms. Then Samar feels unwell. Gauri’s old friend Prateek, a doctor, diagnoses that Samar is suffering from a tumour. Prateek treats Samar and cures the tumour.

Samar’s cousins, Vivaan and Dhruv, want to take over the entire wealth of the Kapoor family.They throw Samar and Gauri out of the house. Gauri and Samar take the three children and migrate to Kolkata. They are quite happy in spite of their modest lifestyle, until a spoilt rich girl named Kamya falls in love with Samar. A lot of conflict results from this. Kamya and her mother poison Samar’s mind and make him believe that Gauri is having an affair. Gauri is pregnant with Samar’s baby; but he begins to suspect that her supposed lover has fathered the child. Gauri decides to separate from Samar when she sees that he doesn’t trust her anymore. But Kamya’s truth is exposed and all the misunderstandings get cleared up.Gauri gives birth to a baby girl. After some time, Samar and Gauri move to London in order to establish their business. Dhruv and Vivaan are fighting each other for the Kapoor inheritance. At last, Samar and Gauri come back to India and solve the problem.The Kapoor family is re-united.

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